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Terms and Conditions


Estimates are based the Handyman’s best understanding of the job as explained by the client. If the Handyman finds other issues such as but not limited to code violations, structural damage, or that the job in actuality is not as described the cost will be adjusted and it will be up to the client if they want to continue at the new rate.

If an estimate has a range, it is up to the Handyman to set the final price.

In-home estimates are available at 50$ this price is rolled into the final cost

Estimates given by Ivy can be altered by the Handyman

Refunds will only be given on a case-by-case basis. Demanding a refund will not make one appear.

The Handyman can fix work previously done by another contractor. This will accrue a fee for Undoing Previous Work that is nonnegotiable

While we can give firm estimates on labor cost, material costs are subject to change. Because of this, estimates are only valid for 30 days of sending



Clients must submit their own booking. Ivy cannot do this except in specific circumstances

Clients must have designated parking in front, on the side, or in the back of their home. It needs to be able to accommodate a van. It must be held for the entirety of the booking. 

The Handyman will use his discretion when a job requires a permit. A decision will be made and passed onto the Client within 3 business days.

The Handyman gives a warranty on products provided by Handyman Services by Blake.  Client provided fixtures and parts no warranty will be given.

The Handyman can refuse to take on any job within reason. The Handyman reserves the right to serve or not serve any town within or outside of his range

The 2-hour policy: The start time for any job can be up to 2 hours earlier or 2 hours later. Either the Handyman will text the client to alert them, or Ivy will call the client. If the Client does not want their appointment to start early, this must be noted in the booking.

Outdoor jobs are only scheduled after the last of the spring rains and before the temps settle below 60 degrees or roughly May to October

For bookings related to events, holidays, or tenant move in or out  you must book 2 weeks out from the event date or as much as possible and confirm with us

Please know we cannot promise your booking date and time due factors outside our control

If a deposit is paid your guaranteed for us to show up unless a life event happens.

Please know we do not cancel any jobs for fun and giggles. We always try to reschedule unless otherwise. 


After Booking

All Clients receive an email to confirm their appointment 24 hours before the scheduled start time. This email must be responded to with in 12 hours. If the Client does not have an email it is the responsibility of the Client to call the office to confirm in the same time frame

Calling Ivy after a booking has been cancelled will not make the Handyman come out

If the Client needs to reschedule a booking it is their responsibility to call or email to do so. Rescheduling past the 30-day estimate will cause an increase in price or cancellation

Handyman Services by Blake works with a platform for our website. Occasionally the platform will glitch and cancel appointments. While Ivy will do her best to look out for this, bookings may still be canceled. In this case, the Handyman will do their best to keep the original time,

Any booking can be denied or cancelled. We do not guarantee anybooking if a deposit is not paid.


On the Job:

Any job can be canceled for reasons of safety, shortage of supplies, weather, permits required, or Handyman discretion.

The Client is required to be home while the job is being completed. If the Client is not able to meet the start time due to the 2 hour policy, another person can take their place or the Handy man will wait up to 30 minutes.

The Handyman will complete the tasks listed in the estimate or the booking. If there are other tasks that the client wants done an additional fee will be added. If the Client has forgotten to add a task or miscounted the amount in a booked task, the client is responsible for the corrected charge.

The Client is responsible for clearing the area where the handyman is going to be working. If the Handyman has to move anything (resulting in a delayed start time) a fee will be added. If anything is damaged in the process of the Handyman moving objects out of the work area the Client is responsible.

If the Handyman tells the Client that there are more issues and the Client acknowledges the issue, the Handyman is not responsible for any problems stemming from the issue even if the result is an emergency. In this case the Client is responsible for any fees occurred.

If a Client repeatedly requests a task that the Handyman has refused, he may leave even if the remaining job is incomplete. The task has been refused using the Handyman’s professional opinion.

The Handyman will bring a subcontractor when necessary to assist or complete a job. The Handyman will tell the Client if a subcontractor is needed. If the subcontractor cannot make it to the job, it may be rescheduled

The Handyman must be left alone to work. Clients who hover or insist on standing too close may cause the Handyman to become uncomfortable and leave


At The End:

Every job that the Handyman completes is required to be inspected by the Client before payment and before the Handyman departs. No calls about a lack of inspection will be entertained.


Payment is due upon task completion, a failure to pay could result in legal action. Because the price has been agreed upon prior to the work beginning, there will be no negotiation of price.

Invoices are available on request, within 2 business days

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